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they need to be responsible, too. these people marching to their ideas they would rather rule in hell as milton said than serve in heaven all of them and the whole country is going to get rid of them. >> sean: that is all the time we have left. more tomorrow night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. two hour live on the order tonight and could even be longer because there is breaking news in congress and we don't know when it will end. and there is another problem. we can't even tell you what the news is because at this hour even congress doesn't know what it is. why? well, congress has no idea what it is doing and, yes, it is absolute chaos here in washington. it secretary of stat is so wil. too bad it is so serious. we don't know when a vote will happen. house leadership said it will happen tonight. it was expected to take place earlier tonight around 6:00 p.m. eastern time but that vote was delayed until further notice. we do know house republicans
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needed more time to round up more votes. that means the vote could be happening at any second and we are right here waiting and you will get it first if you stay right here on fox news. joining us is senator john mccain who has been taking on conservatives reluctant to raise the national debt ceiling. good evening, sir. and we are getting so much information coming out of the house tonight. i don't know how much to believe and how much not. the latest report from one of my colleagues is that congressman who is opposed to the boehner bill says i think they will call the vote tonight and it it will pass. that sounds at least like he is saying that boehner has the votes but this seems like view dvoodoo at this point. >> i think he probably does. it is unfortunate in my view that he had such difficulty. as you know there are very strong feelings and members who were elected simply on the single issue of cutting spending and getting our mortgaging of our children and our grandchildren's future off of our backs and so obviously
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they felt very strongly. and so in answer to your question i think he probably has the votes but i think he may have to change his original proposal. some i have heard maybe ad the balanced budget amendment to have. i'm not sure that is true. >> greta: you have been hard on these and generally the new republicans and tea parties. you been hard on them. they ran on that. do they not owe it to constituents to say i'm running on this and now when push comes to shove they have the vote, don't they have to keep their promises? >> absolutely they do and i think many of them are. what i have criticized is the practice in the senate of telling our constituents that there is some way that we are going to pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution in the united states senate under its present numbers. that would require 67 votes. there is no way that that is going to happen. and we control -- we republicans control one third
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of the government which obviously limits the amount we can do. so say to your constituents and fellow citizens, well, we can pass aualed budget amendment to the constitution, we can't. there is not 67 vote there's to do so. and so let's be honest with the american people. we have to have a balanced budget amendment to the constitution if we are ever really going to get spending under control. i was around when graham ruddman had the strong and stringent requirements on spending and future congress declared emergency and made the legislation null and void. i'm a strong supporter of the balance the budget amendment. i voted for the balanced budget amendment 13 times. but i have to be honest with my constituents and tell them this senate is not going to pass it but we can't give up the fight. >> greta: so tonight i know that you are in the senate but at least ones were in the house there is all this sort of
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effort to get the votes to peel them off. what is delegate on behind closed doors? how does speaker boehner, how does he get the votes? >> i think he appeals obviously to his leader higship. this is really his leadership of the republicans in the house and being speaker is clearly at stake here if he can't bring his people along. i think he is agreeing to make changes in hopes that would pick up additional votes. i think he is trying to explain to them what i said and that is if they pass it through the house it comes to the senate, harry reid will table it, in other words, turn it down. but now this -- the house of representatives has acted in a meaningful and important way. they are cutting spending. they are raising the debt limit. there is no tax increases. so we have achieved a lot of the goals pretty much of what you can do bu with the controlg one third of the government and i think mcconnell's last option of a committee, bipartisan,
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remember, we only have control of one third of the congress and yet this would be 50/50 republicans and democrats and that committee report out, required up or down vote on what they find, i think and also a short-term increase in the debt limit so we can go back and fight this again in a few months. >> greta: let me tell you what i think some americans are thinking, the ones who really sent these members of congress to vote for balanced budget and to fight tooth and nail for it tonight is i suspect that some think that what is going on behind closed doors as someone who ran on it who now suddenly comes out and says i'm adon'ting your thinking of something is better than nothing is a little like when harry reid wanted to get something out of senator ben nelson. the suspicion is like some congressmen bought off with something for his district. >> i know john boehner, he would not engage in that practice. >> greta: i'm not saying there
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is anything wrong with it. no wheeling and dealing tonight? >> i think he is appealing to them on other grounds. if it came out that john boehner behind closed doors and it would, people like you have too many sources, that he was doling out goodies that would be terribly damaging. let me also point one other benefit. that the house passes the boehner bill, it comes to the senate, and harry reid and mitch mcconnell and john boehner then sit down and work something out. who is missing from the equation? the president of the united states. he has been completely divorced from the process. last we heard from the president was monday night when said he had to have tax increases as part of any legislation and harry reid has already agreed not to have tax increases. the president is now a bystander. the president of the united states -- talk about leading from behind. >> greta: suppose he is "leading from behind." if that is achieved how does that matter? >> because the president of the
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united states is elected to lead. every president i know has been not only active in the process but led mountain process. that is the job of the process. >> greta: has he not been making phone calls, is it considered leadership ifs if he is disbursing vice president biden to talk to people and -- you know what is really leading is to say here is my plan. here is what i want us to do. >> greta: has he ever put any plan up? >> never, never. >> greta: why do they keep saying he has a plan? >> he lectured. remember richard nixon had a plan the vietnam war. this is the best one since then. that he has not come forward with any specific plan. and maybe i'm wrong but i remember presidents saying look this is what we got to do. a, b, c, d and e. now, my dear and beloved friend lindsay gram who i graham who n
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here in a minute or two is one thing we may disagree on it the president is not leading and his job is to lead. this issue may be decided by boehner, mcconnell and -- boehner mcconnell and reid. >> greta: i did think it was rather disgraceful, the poor president -- not the poor president but the president hit with the mint fro comment fromo that we don't score speeches. that was probably -- >> that was probably devastating. >> the cbo is nonpartisan. >> greta: and that did slap the president down a little bit like give aus plan. the white house says is has a plan. i have not seen a plan. ed henry keeps asking for it. every time he does he gets a little bit insulted. >> i want to point out one other thing. i was around in 1995. we shut down the government. i remember turning people away from the grand canyon and
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people were up in arms. one, we shouldn't shut down the government. we should don't that to the american people. and number two is this country, the greatest country in the world should not default on its debts and to somehow say that well, we can prioritize and pay this bill and that bill, the reality is if you don't have 40% of the money to pay your debts then something is going to happen that is bad and the markets i'm afraid, i'm very much afraid, i hope not, may react in a very unpleasant fashion. >> greta: i'm curious. did president clinton handle that differently than president obama? >> he was much more engaged. he didn't give a lot of speeches, he gave some but he was totally engaged if you remember. he was one on one. you know, one thing about president clinton and i say this -- we disagreed on a lot of things. when was in the room he was the smartest guy in the room on that issue and that is the way he handled the '95 crisis and
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frankly it was a disaster for republicans as you might recall. >> greta: we are standing by waiting to hear what the house of representatives we think there will be a vote right next door. >> they will pass it and tomorrow we will have another day. >> greta: we are standing by. something is to happen. we are following as closely as we can. thank you, sir. a straight jacket on real spending reform. who said that? what is what lindsay graham is calling speaker boehner's debt limit plan. why is he opposed to it. good evening, sir. and you are opposed to the boehner bill? >> yeah, senator mccain i think nailed it. the only way washington will change is a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. i know it is frustrating for republicans to put one plan up after another and the white house never put their plan. the jay carney quote that i gave you. >> greta: actually, i have the jay carney. >> i don't know where it is at. >> greta: i will give it to you. just a minute. >> senator mccain going to love this. >> say there's is no plan offered in the last several months about which more detail
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is known. jay core any at carney dated . >> i thought jalen mow said but that is jay carney. >> greta: does he have a plan? >> no. you know why republicans are having a problem is that we are trying to solve a problem by ourselves and that is not fair to the republican party. >> greta: what is his -- if he doesn't have a plan, i admit i haven't seen it. >> he doesn't want to make anybody mad. he won't lead greets bahar is the purpose of sending jay carney out there if there isn't a plan? >> because he can get away with it. in this town nobody is holding him accountable like we are holding each other accountable. i love john mccain. we have a difference here. i do believe the balanced budget amendment could pass if we have enough time to take the case to the american people. there are 20 democratic senators on record saying i support it. i would like to have a couple
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of months to run ads in those states and run rallies in the state and say to the democratic senator don't say things if you don't mean it. there are the votes in the senate if we go after them. in 1997 we failed by one vote in the senate. i would argue what happened between '97 and now cries out for a balance the budget amendment 0 a hundred times moe today than we needed then. we have tripled the debt. >> greta: at the risk of shutting down the government. >> i love john boehner, he is doing the best can he by himself but his plan is not going to avoid a credit downgrade. it doesn't do enough. >> greta: want me to get started on the people that do the downgrading. the same ones who got us into the mess. >> that is exactly right. >> greta: that really is -- look. these are the same people the s&p and moodies who said that the cdos, packaged and bundled together the terrible mortgages. >> the rating agencies let the
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country down and didn't rate the credit defaults. >> they pushed us down. >> they will downgrade and interest rates will go up for every american. it will cost more to borrow money and when it p costs more to borrow money for the american government the american people suffer. in 1995 we came close to changing the country. the problem i had in 1995 is that we folded because of the ads being run about somebody couldn't go to the signaturian. stephanopoulos' book said if we would have went one more day. we have not yet had the fight to take our democratic friends to task and hold them accountable for lack of a plan and for saying one thing and doing another when it comes to balanced budget amendment. i'm a reasonable guy but this behind the door nec negotiatios that you talked about has frustrated people like me. i want it take it to the
7:14 pm
streets and have a chance to get the american people involved. let's have a temporary debt ceiling increase and be able as republicans to come back with another form of cut, cap and balance and take this fight to the american people. >> greta: what is temporary to you? >> i'm -- >> greta: a week or two weeks, a month. >> a few months to the end of september main. i don't know the time period. >> greta: and come back with another cut cap and balance. you are negotiating fenc againt yourselves because the last one was shut down. >> means that we have yet another plan that gets america out of debt and no democrat is going to get away forever with saying no. here is what we haven't done. we haven't taken the case to the american people. we have had behind the scenes negotiations that ended and evans is looking around -- and everybody is looking around with the august 2 deadline. let's get some time to construct the balance the budget amendment, a cut and cap program and take it to the american people and see if some of our democratic colleagues will acknowledge that if we raise the debt ceiling without
7:15 pm
addressing why we are in debt we are going to become greece. the goal is not to raise the debt ceiling. the goal is to raise the debt ceiling and save america from bankruptcy. the boehner plan no matter how well intentioned doesn't change the dynamic that led us into this mess and the republicans from south carolina and throughout the country promised the american people one thing -- if you send me up there, i'm going get us out of debt by changing the way we do business. >> greta: as a practical matter, though, boehner is not going to make it in the senate. let me ask you a quick question. >> it won't. we are body that sits around waiting to kill ideas to save america from bankruptcy. we should be a body trying to fix america's problems. why does it have to fall on john boehner? why does the president say he has got a plan when doesn't and everybody says okay. it is not fair to john boehner or the people who ran and wanted to change the government.
7:16 pm
second baseman' a little upset. i would like to expos this hypocrisy that the democratic senate 31 lets any plan come forward. the president of the united states is saying he has got a plan when doesn't. i would like to take this issue to the american people and see if 20 of our democratic colleagues who promised to support a balanced budget would actually do it if they were pressured. >> greta: senator, thank you. we are standing by to see what happens in the united states house of representatives because we are told a vote is going to happen tonight. >> great for our country. thank you. >> thank you, sir. straight ahead, you just heard from go republican senators, one for and the other against speaker boehner's plan. also, tuesday, august 2 just around the corner. if the debt ceiling isn't raised and we slam head into the ceiling what happens next? is it catastrophic or is it something else? we asked dick morris and you may be surprised by his answer. stay tuned do not go away. we are waiting to see what goes
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>> greta: a democratic controlled senate killed the republican cut cap and and now speaker boehner's debt plan may to the headed straight stot
7:21 pm
gutter. harry reid promises to kill it if it heads to the senate. i'm sure you are just as anxious to find out what is going on in the house of representatives. that vote is supposed to happen but we don't know when. good evening, sir. >> thank you very much. good evening. greta you're like me wondering what is going happen over there. do they have the votes, not have the votes. we are here. i have been asked to preside at 11:00. the clock is still ticking over here. thank you for the opportunity to be here tonight. >> greta: thank you for being here. the republicans have leveled a lot of charges towards the president about not having a plan. the p republicans tell me the president himself has no plan. does the president have a plan and what is it? >> i think, you know, this is an argument he had a budget which was his first plan which, of course, you know that the senate turned down the first budget. then there was another proposed budget. you know, what is a plan is the real question here. i think there is a lot of effort between republicans, democrats, the president trying
7:22 pm
to figure out how to get through this maze and it is a difficult pathway. i think some of parameters we are all putting down. mine has always been we need a long-term plan. let me reface that by saying only in washington can a long-term plan be measured by 16, 17, 18 months but we got to get out of this two, three, four, five month issue because we will never get on to the bigger issue which is creating certainty in our economy. does the president have a plan? he laid out some things 86 but i'm not here to defend the president, that is his job. my job is to tell you what i think we should be doing and i have been doing it on the floor today. i went on a little rant because i got a little agitated and very disappointed to be honest with you in both represents and democrats and where we are today. i have been here less than three years and i feel like ten the way this place operates to be very frank with you. >> greta: by the time the night is over that may be 20, sir. >> don't do that.
7:23 pm
all right, let me ask this question. april 15 you issued a prime release and said it is time to balance the budget. i voted for a spending freeze and balanced budget amendment and sponsored a bill to freeze congressional pay. but then you voted yes to table cut, cap and balance which was creating a balanced budget. what is the difference and would you vote now for a balance the budget amendment? that's two questions. >> let me add a third part of that. i voted for a udol plan as url and democrats and republicans voted for it that gave a sense of parameters. what they did here, that is what happens they all package all of the junk together instead of separating them out and vote separately. cut cap and balance was all combined into one. if we want to have a debate on the balance of the budget amendment, i voted for the sense of the senate that describes exactly a balanced budget amendment.
7:24 pm
i'm happy to do that. i think it is critical for the long-term health of our country and should have special things to protect against emergencies, war and i believe social security. but other than that that is what the senate was about. so this whole combine it all in and blackmail one vote for another vote is the way this place has been operating for decades. people are pissed off about this way of operation. if they want to have a balanced budget amendment by itself with some parameters that i just laid out i'm all game. >> greta: now, let me ask you because you there are now if the -- let's say that the vote goes down in the house in the next hour. will the senate be called back to vote tonight? >> well, that is a good question. i think we know the clock is ticking so there is a high likelihood that may be required because as you know if we turn that down then there has to be an alternative and the way our process works on the senate side which again being a new person here it is the most convoluted system i have seen. we have to wait 30 hours in some pretend process here for
7:25 pm
people to make speeches and then get on with the debate and vote on something. so, it is very possible that we may have to be called back in this order to move to the next stage if we -- you know, we will have to vote on boehner's proposal because the clock is ticking. we can't afford any more hours. if we wait until tomorrow we will lose 12, 14, 15 hours. we can't afford that. this country cannot afford it. we have to make a decision one way or another and figure out if it goes down what is the next process. i will tell you there is a lot of effort at many layers here on the senate side. i mean i support the gang of six effort. i don't like everything in there but because it is bipartisan we at least had something and if we want to talk about something that is real, name me one plan that is bipartisan other than the gang of six? >> greta: well,ky give you some very good news. i can tell you are frustrated with the u.s. senate and the way it works but my guess is you can go home pretty soon. i was just told there will be no vote tonight in the house of
7:26 pm
representatives. >> you're kidding. >> greta: you may be able to go home right now, senator. i thank you for joining us. i hope you will continue to join us and i must say you come from one of the most beautiful states in the union. >> you have to come up again. i would love to have you up there. >> gross i went there in '73 and worked there in '78. a beautiful state. thank you, senator. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, what is going on with the house republicans and are some overreacting in rejecting speaker boehner's plan. the house hasn't voted yet and are not going to vote tonight. some are vote fog knicks the legislation. also former utah governor john huntsman in town in washington in the middle of this debt ceiling mess. what he would do if he were president today? the former presidential contender goes "on the record" straight ahead. don't go away. where he got his love for racing.
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but only until september 6th. see your lexus dealer. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. there will be no vote tonight on house speaker boehner's debt bill. that came news just -- that news just came from house gop whip kevin mccarthy. we were expecting the vote earlier tonight in the house but speaker boehner is trying to wrangle up enough votes. joining us is dick morris. sort of a surprise that one congressman who is a member of the tea party who is opposed to boehner said that he thought the votes there were and now the vote we have been standing
7:31 pm
by for is put off. >> yeah, i think boehner will get the votes but it is a tall order to get 90% of your caucus to support something. this bill when boehner passes it, which i think he will tomorrow, i think check mates barack obama. and when they are are saying and the democrats are saying it is dead on arrival in the senate, it will go right into the ashcan, that is very wishful thinking on their part because once the republicans say okay, we are willing to extend the debt limit in return for these cuts, obama -- and it is not an impossible thing like cut cap and balance a constitutional amendment but it is a reasonable proposal that everybody agree agree will word obama just wants more debt pore borrowing authority to carry him through the election, at that point obama can't veto it. he can't let the government shut down or go into whatever default is going to happen
7:32 pm
because he wants something postponed until after the election. if he has got a bill in front of him that gives him six months of time he is has basically got to sign it. plane to me. this is what i don't understand. operating now on a continuing resolution. all of the attention is on tuesday as the hour of when we will go into -- run out of credit or not. i mean we are going to -- as of september 30 we no longer have -- we are operating a continuing resolution, we don't have a budget to work on. and so i mean -- so we got another problem right on the heels of that or another big fight. and the president's budget that he did propose went down 97-0 in the senate, even his own team voted against it. >> right. >> so that didn't work. weedon have a budget now. the republicans say that he hasn't submitted a plan for raising the debt ceiling and now we have got this problem coming up at the end of september. what he is doing on this management of the economy or on the treasury? >> well, first let me explain what is going to happen on tuesday if there is no debt
7:33 pm
limit increase. the treasury will get $200 billion of revenue during the month of august and we will have to spend $300 billion. and because it won't be able to borrow the extra hundred, about $00 billion of government spending will have to be canceled and that will result in closure of many of the agencies of government. but there will still be $200 billion left that is there and social security costs about 60. defense about 60. debt service on the money we owe about 25. so you can spend all of that and still have 30 or 40 left over. it does mean that some offices going to close but they are ones we don't much care about. who is going to go crazy because the national labor relations board closes its doors or the federal communications commission or the federal trade commission. >> greta: there are collateral issues. what are we going to do about the faa which controls the airspace not just passenger miles but transport of goods.
7:34 pm
it is an enormous headache to our -- to the day-to-day business in the country. and plus you have got some of the international ramifications of it as well. >> greta, it is not a headache. i mean it is -- the president has to make some decisions but there is more than enough money to pay for anything we remotely urgently need. many of the departments like the interior department or the commerce department or the labor department are going to have to close most of their doors. but one of the reasons that obama -- >> greta: sorry to interrupt you. under your theory we have $100 billion every month of waste basically under theory. >> no, not waste. we should have a national labor relations board and fcc and epa but we don't need to have one on august 11 and august 3 and august 4 and 5. the country is not going to fall apart. people do need social security checks, military families need pay. people that lent us money need
7:35 pm
to get it repaid. that all can be paid for out of tax revenues. i think that because the -- when this armagedded on comes that obama has been building up and people see that it is not much, i think his credibility is going to be in bad shape and i think the american people will also be very upset if there isn't an increase in the debt ceiling because congress can't get it together and that will affect everybody in washington, boehner, reid and obama. but the only one of those that is running for president is obama and it going to drive his ratings further down. >> greta: i think the other problem, too, is at least senator harry reid and speaker boehner seem to be trying visibly with plans and i it think it does -- i don't know if the president has a plan or not but the fact that i can't find t looks like he is not working as hard as those two on it. may be working hard behind the scenes. i will take the last word on that. dick, thank you.
7:36 pm
>> thank you. >> coming up,ing talk about a ruptured relationship. why did governor huntsman write president obama and say he is a remarkable president and now tells us president obama is wreckless? what happened in between. governor huntsman is next. [ male announcer ] this is the network. a network of possibilities. excuse me? my grandfather was born in this village. [ automated voice speaks foreign language ] [ male announcer ] in here, everyone speaks the same language. ♪ in here, forklifts drive themselves. no, he doesn't have it. yeah, we'll look on that. [ male announcer ] in here, friends leave you messages written in the air. that's it right there. [ male announcer ] it's the at&t network. and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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>> greta: candidate for president former governor unhuntsman on the record in 60 seconds. first let's go to our new york newsroom where craig boswell is standing by. >> the fbi says nasser has firearms and bomb making material inside his hoe toll room. he had been granted conscientious objector status after he claim his muslim beliefs prevented him from fighting. back in 2009, 13 people were killed in a mass shooting at that texas army post. forecasters predicting tropical storm don will make landfall along the texas
7:41 pm
coastline tomorrow or saturday. don is about 423 5* miles east or southeast of corpus christi. maximum hurricane centers clockion maximum wind speeds 45 miles an hour. not expected to grow into an actual hurricane. for now, back to greta with on the record, stay tuned. >> greta: first he was pull of praise calling president obama remarkable. now, he says the president is wreckless. that is a switch. what happened? former u.s. ambassador to china and former presidential contender john huntsman. >> i think the boehner is the only act in town and it is sound given any other ai alternative. it cuts and allows us to meet our obligations and begins to meet our budget. i think it would be terribly important for this country and also envisions looking at a
7:42 pm
competitive tax code longer term and that is terribly important for the overall competitiveness in the country. the boehner term schet gets us shoreline term to be where we need to be and gets the issues queued up to begin discussing them seriously. also i have to say that discussing the extent of the cuts and where we need to be during the 2012 election psych very important thing that the country should be doing. >> greta: the boehner bill is a two part process. now, the spending caughts dollar for dollar and then down the road start looking at other expenses which is where the fight will be over entitlements. a lot of the tea party think we need to start now and this is a band aid, not a solution. >> this is what people hate about washington. the fact that something this
7:43 pm
important to our well, being and overall economic competitiveness delayed until the 11 h. hour. the president has shown no leadership and doesn't have a plan on the table. my opponents in the race doesn't even come up with what they support. >> greta: governor romney, you made a comment about him. >> it is true. you to stand up. time when leadership matters and stand up and voice where you are. we are kind of at the 11th hour. this is crunch time and this isn't academics or theory. this is the real world. we need to meet our obligations as 25% of the worlds i worlds d leading financial center in the world. that is important number one. number two, getting cuts. we to get on with this cancer that has taken over this country. we need to cut it out and radiate it and excise it. this cancer has taken over the country and we need to do something about it and the larger issues we all need to
7:44 pm
get serious about. competitive tax code and budget reform. get them in the queue to be discussed during the election year and that is to our advantage. >> greta: you talk about the president's leadership and may have tweeted at one time talking about the debt ceiling referred to i think the with word was reckless. how do you reconcile, in 2009, you wrote a letter to him saying he was remarkable. what happened did you lose faith in him? >> i was raised to be a gracious person. i thought it was remarkable that he put a republican in his administration. >> greta: they all do. >> not in a position u.s. ambassador to china. i thought this was remarkable. >> greta: president clinton put in cohen at secretary of defense. >> he puts in a republican. high hopes and high tax
7:45 pm
expectations. sadly today we don't have the leadership. >> greta: a big ex-crea extremg from remarkable to reckless. >> it is where we are in the economy. he failed to deliver on the most important issue of our time and that is the economy and the creation of jobs. we are flat foot and in neutral and we out to have more confidence in where it company is going. nobody it putting capital expenditures in their business because they can't see around the bend and what healthcare reform and financial services reform is going to cost them. we need to get the regulatory monkey off our back and get on with things like energy independence. >> greta: when you were governor you had to deal with a balanced budget amendment in your state? >> we not only had that but the most significant tax cut in the history of our state. >> greta: would you like to see a balanced budget amendment on the federal level? >> i think it is the most important thing we could do. having that safeguard and that
7:46 pm
standard at the federal level is a very, very important thing nor country. when you build a budget as governor you do so with the inga in mind you are presenting it to your legislature in balanced form and for this nation that would be a similarly wise thing to do. >> greta: that is not in the boehner bill. a separate stand alone. a lot of people are critical of the fact it is not in the boehner bill and instead the boehner bill has caps and people are sinniccal when it comes to caps because caps this congress and then two congress escaped down the road, what happens? >> everybody has the expectation we will move towards a balanced budget amendment. this is a no brainer and must be done. people are fed up with where we are financially. $14.3 trillion in debt. this cancer has got to be cut out and one of the most important and powerful tools balanceds there is a balance budget amendment. >> greta: should we be worried about the august 2 deadline or is that politicians scaring us? even with the boehner will
7:47 pm
sounds like we will be downgraded anyway. >> the market is going to react as we do. the markets are going to react as they will. but listen,s, it is important to maintain our triple-a rating in this country. we have done so for almost 100 years. >> greta: but the very people who grav gave the triple ratino the toxic ce os. curious that the triple-a rating we are trying to keep are from the very people that kind of put it us in this mess. i understand but that is separate. we are talking about maintaining a triple-a rating. we are one of the few states that maintained our tripping a rating. this affects every family in this country. we had to work hard to maintain our triple a status. >> greta: but maintain the triple a standing with an organization that frankly has failed us so poorly before that
7:48 pm
it is sort of hard for me to think that they are the ones that i should care about. i realize the whole world economy looks to them but there is something wrong with this picture. >> but it is the way it works right now and it is what is going to give the seal of approval and stamp of approval on where we are financially and that has an impact o on the overall cost of capital. to the extent that affects every family in this country it becomes an issue. august 2 2 is a deadline and we need to take that deadline seriously. >> greta: much more on greta wire .com. coming up first a vote in the house expected and then a sudden delay and we learned the house will not vote tonight. bret baier is coming up next. [ dad ] i'm usually checking up on my kids. but last year my daughter was checking up on me. i wasn't eating well. she's a dietitian. and she suggested i try boost complete nutritional drink to help get the nutrition i was missing.
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>> greta: this is a fox news alert. there is no vote tonight. we have been standing by all night for the house to vote on speaker john boehner's debt plan. the speaker and other gop leaders trying to round up enough votes to pass it and send it to the senate to avoid the august 2 debt ceiling deadline tuesday. but moments ago we got the word there will be no vote tonight. so now what? joining uss augusta breing us t
7:53 pm
of special report. now, what? >> speaker boehner did not get the votes so they called off the vote tonight. in about 8 minutes the rules committee is going meet in the house and they are going to come up with a rule that makes t okay for them to do a same day bill so they will pass this rule. it is believe it or not called marshall law and the next day they will come back tomorrow and they will pass a rule for this bill. they will debate the rule. they will pass the rule and then start the process over again and we will have another debate on a new bill. now, the difference is between these bills we don't know yet. we don't know what has been taken out. we don't know what has been added. rumor that theyyhmer that they will vote on a balanced budget amendment. other tweaks that we heard about but there will be another vote and the speaker hopes there will be a successful vote
7:54 pm
to push it off into the senate. >> greta: but we tonight know what the hangup is? >> deals with conservative republican who had proble probh this. potthing to sweeten the pat for the tea party conservatives. >> republicans are critical where is the president. is the president involved, unfair criticism and what are the facts? >> the white house says the president has been making phone calls and been intimately involved. when you press them on where is your plan they say that they were dealing with speaker boehner and they have reames of paper about what is, you know, the plan but it is not on paper because both of the caucuses would have shot it down if they came out and put it on paper. that is what they say. now, how this all plays out in politics land, right now republicans say they have to get this bill out of the house and then they have a chip in the game. now, remember when speaker boehner took the gavel his
7:55 pm
first speech he said the house should work its will. that was his style. that is what he wanted to do. right now the house is working its will against speaker boehner and the question is whether he can push this thing through. the white house has been tweaking republicans tonight. different messages. kind of humorous things but they need who speaker to eventually push through s earned a trip to dc twice as fast!
7:56 pm
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